Blending cold porcelain flowers with muslin flowers, COME is the second creation of the four-handed collaboration between Laure de Sagazan and Sidonie Lemaitre, the creator of Lizeron. Its small white and golden stamens as well as its palette of ivory and powdery shades, and all of its delicate finishes.

Handmade in Lizeron's Parisian atelier.
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Victim of its own success!


It was at a photo shoot in 2012 when Laure meets Sidonie. Their common love for artisanal craftsmanship leads them to quickly collaborate together. A project was born, a capsule collection of two delicate pieces!

- Attach with bobby pins in finished hairstyle
- Length of the crown (excluding ribbon): about 13 cm
- Main materials: flowers in cold porcelain and silk muslin
- Colors: shades of ivory and powder pink
- Handmade in France

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