Poinçon 22

Poinçon 22

Ode to Paris and love, through this marriage between the two Parisian houses Poinçon 22 and Laure de Sagazan, which this week unveil a line of jewelry in rock crystal and 18-carat gold.

It is the story of an encounter between 2 ancestral skills: jewellery and sewing, uniting to offer a line of 5 refined and elegant pieces, around the motif of the sacred heart.

This symbol, which has been present in art for centuries, embodies absolute love with its radiant heart and radiant feelings. The sacred heart is also a majestic and inseparable figure of Paris, thanks to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, built to celebrate this love.

This collection is organized around 2 flagship pieces in engraved rock crystal and 18-carat gold: a pendant and a bangle bracelet. A customizable version of these jewels is available in 18-carat gold only: thus pendant, bracelet and ring complete this line. These pieces have in common that they represent a sacred heart, and we find on the gold version, subtly engraved on the rays, the two first names of his choice. Jewellery to personalize to mark an important moment, and keep this precious memory against oneself.

Collection available from April 3rd in the Parisian showrooms of Poinçon 22 and Laure de Sagazan, and in the e-shops of the 2 houses.
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