Gabrielle Paris

Gabrielle Paris

Everything leaves an attractive story...

In the French tradition, when a girl was born in a home, the women of her family, then the girl herself, began to make up her bride's trousseau, containing of the linen embroidered in her initials. In certain regions, we went as far as reserving her a linen field which had to supply the material to spin then to weave its bride's trousseau.

Charmed by this disappeared custom, Gabrielle Paris and Laure de Sagazan put themselves then to make relive this nice French tradition. Respectively at the head of a home decoration brand and a bridal dress brand, Gabrielle Paris and Laure de Sagazan have in common love of the craft work, the beautiful qualities, the same concern of the detail and the desire to create something who stays.

So, an elegant washed linen set of bed linen is born, decorated with a personalized embroidery. Underlined by a tape in the delicate motive, by embroidery, and by a poetry of these mixed letters, the set aims to be to be an object of transmission, in strong emotional charge.

To offer on the occasion of a marriage, of important moment, or simply to celebrate love, with a piece which will stay.

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