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"Youkari", a symbol of "respect for the bond" in Japan, was often embodied by leaf crowns made by the villagers. Miyouki, creator of Soie Labo, wished to convey this symbolic connection through this lovely crown of silk orange blossoms, with pale shades of ivory and very light gray.

Maud is wearing the Youkari crown embellished with a Tamamizou hairpin in her braid.
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Piece entirely handmade by Miyouki, from creating the pattern and cutting the petals, to their "shaping" and coloring.

Descritpion :
- Colors: shades of white and ivory, realised with Japanese pigments and the base of the crown in a soft grey
- Composition: Silk - Adjustable size
- Crown circumference: 12.5 x 5 cm Small engraved medallion SOIE LABO integrated in the crown.

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Laundry Tips

Handle with care - Wipe with a soft cloth.


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