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We walked the runway in NEW YORK!

What an immense joy it was, that Sunday morning runway show in New York at the legendary Standard Hotel, during the NY Bridal Fashion Week. It was a first. It was a success! Looking back to this magical day….

Our 2018 collection was in the spotlight, perfectly accessorized with the very "couture" 1930’s inspired headwear by the talented Veronica Marucci, an Italian hatmaker/fashion designer based in Paris, who tops-off the look of the stars with her 100% artisan creations.

This runway show, very much awaited by the press and the American public since the opening of our Soho boutique in 2016, is the continuity of the 2018 campaign: pure and architectural lines echoing the exceptional Villa Cavrois .

The press, numerous and enthusiastic, praised the purity and delicacy of the Laure de Sagazan silhouettes, said characteristics of the "elegance à la française" that us Americans desire.

A light breeze blew in New York ...